The Rowing Club

The most beautiful way to arrive in Augustenborg is by water. When you sail up the fjord, you cannot help but notice the distinctive red wooden building with white windows, doors and gates. This building with its enviable location right on the water’s edge, is home to Augustenborg Rowing Club.

The first part of the original building was erected when the club was founded in 1926. This makes it the oldest sports club in Augustenborg. New members of the rowing club are invited to participate in an initiation ceremony or baptism by King Neptune and his court, a tradition common to all Danish rowing clubs. Today, participation in this special ceremony is completely voluntary.

The annual raising of the flag in April marks the beginning of the new rowing season.

In the club, there are activities almost every day of the week with members frequently rowing distances of 12 kilometres on Augustenborg fjord and its inlets. Over the summer, longer trips, both day and weekend trips are also arranged.

The boats used include riggers (wide and very seaworthy boats), gigs, single sculls and “costal” boats, so the club can offer rowing both for beginners and experienced rowers.

During the winter season, members stay fit by training indoors on rowing machines.

In the 18th century, when the area was part of the duke’s ‘pleasure forest’, the site was known as ‘Sans Souci’ (Carefree). There was a small gazebo where you could sit and saviour the view over the fjord and maybe bring a picnic and enjoy a cup of tea. And it was probably one of the favourite bathing places of the ducal family.

A map from 1796 shows a long straight path, which runs from ‘Sans Souci’ and goes further out along the waterfront, parallel to the First Avenue. According to the map there was a ‘Schiess Scheibe’ (shooting target) at the end of the path. It was probably a shooting range where one could shoot at targets with different weapons. Whether a bow, crossbow, musket or hand cannon was used is not known, but since some of these weapons could be quite inaccurate, it was probably just as well that the shooting range ended in the fjord. Later, the shooting range was used by the soldiers’ association.

The first shooting guild or shooting club of Augustenborg was founded in 1839. However, it was dissolved after the escape of the duke in 1848.