The Mammoth Tree

The Mammoth Tree, also known as giant sequoia or giant redwood, stands on the slope south of the Palace. This majestic tree can grow to be 85 meters tall and can live for more than 3,000 years.

As far as is known, there are only 10 mammoth trees in Denmark.

The Mammoth Tree was probably planted when Duke Frederick Christian II and Louise Augusta established the current garden in the early 1800s.

On the flat area between the slope and the promenade was the house of the ferryman. Here you could cross the fjord on a small ferry. In the slope, you can still see traces of a road that led down to the ferry. Today a staircase crosses where the original road went. In late May, the stairs are shrouded in a veil of flowers from the large chestnut trees. Following the old ferry road will take you into the small chestnut grove. This ends at the meadow south of the stable building, where the bleaching place used to be.