The Little Sea Path

You are now standing on the Little Sea Path (Lillehavstien). The Little Sea (Lillehav) is an artificial lake that was created when the dam over Augustenborg fjord was built. The dam took ten years to build between 1796 and 1806, the Duke Frederick Christian II having conscripted local farmers to work on the dam as corvée workers. However, the dam was not always reliable for traffic and only became so when a new lock was built coinciding with the construction of the railway. The road on top of the dam is now known as Banegårdsgade (Railway Station Road).

The Little Sea has been protected since 1956 and became a wildlife reserve in 1971. Many diving ducks, including tufted duck, common pochard and scaups, overwinter here. The lake contains trout and other salmonids, but fishing is only allowed on the west and north sides of the lake.

The Little Sea Path connects the town centre with Krumom and the eastern part of town. The path runs parallel to Stavensbølgade. In the time of the dukes, the plots from Stavensbølgade extended all the way to the Little Sea. The steep south-facing slopes were used for ornamental and kitchen gardens. Most houses had orchards, and people were largely self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables. Over time, these steep gardens were given the romantic name “the Hanging Gardens of Augustenborg” and can be seen from the Little Sea Path.

The Little Sea Path was originally a narrow-gauge railway (1898-1933), called Amtsbanerne, which connected the most important towns on Als. In 1929, embers from a locomotive set fire to the thatched roof of one of the houses alongside the Little Sea. Fortunately, only limited damage was done to the property.

The railway had a very beautiful railway station with a restaurant called Kilden (the Spring), which was located on Banegårdsgade – roughly where the service station is today.

After the railway was dismantled, the Little Sea Path was converted into a cycle and walking path, and today it is part of the Augustenborg Path, which runs all the way to Mjang Dam.

In 2021, the path was extended making it possible now to walk all the way around the Little Sea. In Krumom you can follow the old dam over Nydam. If you continue towards the village of Bro, you will pass Krumom Inn, Bromølle and Brovold.