The Laundry Building

The long yellow building at the entrance to the Palace originally served as a laundry building to the Palace. It was built in 1764 and is thus contemporaneous with the northern wing of the stable yard and the kitchen building.

It is a solid construction in yellow Flensburg bricks on a plinth of large granite foundation stones. Flensburg bricks were produced at the brickworks along Flensburg Fjord – mostly on the Danish side around Egernsund, where they are still produced to this day.

The green doors with the herringbone pattern and the small diamond-shaped panes are probably original.

The two housekeepers of the palace lived here together with five or so laundry girls and a number of seamstresses and maids. Some of the washing and drying work probably took place in the backyard, which also served as a firewood store.

A large part of the work in the laundry building was probably sorting, folding and repairing the clothes and linen of the ducal family and their staff. If the white clothes and linen had discoloured, it was sent to the bleaching place south of the stables, where it was laid out to bleach in the sun.

Please also visit the palace church and the kitchen building opposite, both of which are also described in this guide.