The First Avenue

You are now walking along the First Avenue. The Avenue was laid out at the same time as the construction of the first Palace and is about 100 years older than the other two avenues in the forest. The First Avenue was originally planted with lime trees all the way to the old palace. The species is “Tilia × europaea”, known as common lime in English.

The First Avenue is 610 meters long and runs parallel to the water’s edge. It stretches past the King’s Jetty, the Water Ski Club and the Rowing Club and ends up at a small sandy beach. If you follow the small path alongside the Fjord to the north-west, you come to the Bathing Huts, a historic bathing site, which are still used today by the townspeople for their original purpose.

The First Avenue is part of the Augustenborg Path, which leads you all the way out to Brovold and Mjang Dam.

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