Krumom is a side road coming off the eastern end of Stavensbølgade. This was the old town boundary, and it is said that the half-timbered house on the corner, one of the oldest houses in Augustenborg, lies at the end of the town.

Krumom was built in 1632, when Duke Hans Christian of Sønderborg built a dam to shorten the trip to Ketting and Nordals. As the name suggests, the road is crooked (krum), and in the old days it was a link road to the main road to Sønderborg, called ‘Chausséen’. A ‘chaussé’ was a road surfaced with gravel, rubble or paving slabs.

Beside the lowest part of Krumom lies the wetland area Nydam, which was created by the dam.

Today, Krumom leads to the village of Bro via Gammel Brovej. The beautiful Krumom Inn, Bromølle and the ancient monument Brovold all lie on the old road to Bro. It’s about one kilometre to Brovold, which is also described in this guide. Please follow the Little Sea Path (Lillehavstien) if you want to return to Augustenborg.