“Dive” is a wood sculpture from the international WoodSculpture week, which is held every year in June on the quay in front of Sønderborg Castle. The participants have one week to transform an oak trunk into a work of art, which will subsequently have a new home somewhere in the municipality.

The lucky recipients of the sculpture are nominated by a jury, and in 2016, there were 48 applicants hoping to get their hands on one of the eight coveted works of art. In Augustenborg, Fjordparkens Grundejerforening was fortunate to receive this sculpture.

The official title is Dive – “He was burning every day, eventually he drowned himself in a sea. He found the sea to reach everlasting peace “.

The artist is Soheyl (Reza) Bastami, who was born in Iran in 1987 and studied graphic design at university. He started making figurative sculptures in 2009 and has since participated in several international exhibitions and symposia.