Bagergyde 1

Bagergyde 1 is one of the most romantic properties of the ducal town. The property is very old. The current building was built in 1796, as the farmhouse for a large farm. The main house (the longhouse) consists of 11 bays standing on a foundation of large stones.

A new barn with a thatched roof was later built west of the main house. Today, the property is 4,000 square meters and is the last of the ducal houses with an old orchard and kitchen gardens. It is one of only two buildings in the ducal town which still has grapevines on the façade.

The road is private and belongs to the property all the way up to Storegade. Visitors are welcome to use the road and are gladly received.

There was a bakery here for many years, hence the name “Æ Bagergyde” (Baker’s Alley). In 1850 the bakery was renovated with the addition of a two-storey building on the north side of the main house. You can’t see it when you stand directly in front of the house. When the bakery closed around 1910, the back house was developed into three apartments.

After 275 years of ownership, the property was sold by the family in 2010. The property was suffering from severe decay. Since then, a new tile roof has been fitted to the main house and the windows and the masonry have been renovated. The roof and the external walls of the property are currently being insulated. The heating system and electrical supply are also being renovated.

The garden was very overgrown. At the turn of the 1970s, when the use of kitchen gardens more or less disappeared, they were converted into grass, shrubs and beds. They were too difficult and time consuming to keep.

The current plan is to bring the property back to what it was in the 1950s. Many large old trees have been cut down and attempts are being made to re-establish the kitchen gardens, which were a natural part of these historic houses. Who wants to look at lawns with little robotic lawn mowers running around in circles? The garden also includes an orchard with trees and shrubs. The trees include apples, pears, plum (Mirabelle), quinces, figs, walnuts and hazelnuts. There are also currants, blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries. In the kitchen garden you will also find rhubarb, strawberries and asparagus.