The Ferry Place

The ferry dock stood on the shore, south of the Palace. From here you could be sailed across the fjord when the “ship bridge” at the current dam was unsafe. The ferry place probably existed ever since the founding of the town.

The house of the ferryman was just behind the ferry place, on the flat piece of ground where a small apple tree stands today. The name of the first ferryman was Jørgensen, and his successor was called Paulsen. The latter was a bricklayer and lived with his wife, child, and mother-in-law somewhere in upper Storegade. When the ferryman was busy with other tasks, his wife probably took over the ferry operation.

The ferry sailed directly across the fjord, a little over 200 meters, and docked near the current campsite. There was a small road from there leading to the main road. When the new dam was completed in 1806, the ferry was no longer needed.