The Bleaching Place

On the slope south of the horse stable is a spot known as “the Bleach” (Blegen). It was a large bleaching place on the south-facing slope, where the laundry girls laid linen out for bleaching in the sun so it could turn shiny white again. The linen was bedding and the tablecloths used for setting tables for the duke’s many dinners. When linen was woven, it was naturally yellow and before it could be used for noble use, it had to be bleached.

The Bleach dates back to the time of Duchess Augusta. It is said that at one point “fabric” was stolen from Duchess Augusta’s bleach. When the two men were captured, they were immediately and mercilessly hanged on the gallows mound at Ketting. If you pass the Bleach after dark, you may meet the two unhappy souls.

The path behind the horse stable leads down to the stairs between the Palace and the promenade. In the opposite direction, the path leads up to the stable yard.