The Augustenborg Path

The Augustenborg Path (Augustenborgstien) is a seven-kilometre-long hiking route that connects several nature and wildlife areas around Augustenborg. If you start at Augustenborg Palace, you can follow the path through the Gardens and the Forest. The route continues along the fjord, over the harbour and the dam, to the Little Sea Path (Lillehavstien).

The Little Sea (Lillehav) and the inner part of Augustenborg fjord are a wildlife refuge. In the winter, you can see large flocks of tufted duck, common pochard and a few scaups.

At the far end of the Little Sea Path lies the road Krumom (the Crooked Road). Here the route continues along Gammel Brovej, past Bromølle, the old mill, and the ancient ramparts of Brovold. Gammel Brovej was previously part of the old road between Sønderborg and Nordborg.

In the village of Bro, the path leads under the main road, out onto the golf course and on to the beautiful nature area at Mjang Dam. In the reed forest at Mjang Dam, you may be lucky enough to spot the beautiful bearded tit or hear the clear song of the nightingale.