Krumom Inn

You now stand on the old country road between Sønderborg and Nordborg – on the border of the four parishes Augustenborg, Hørup, Ketting and Ulkebøl. It was a traffic hub and an ideal location for an inn.

The inn was started when Bromølle Kro burned and the inn “Fælden” (the Trap) was closed. Fælden was an old inn, which was located in the long house just before Nydam. Krumom Inn (Krumom kro) was built by the owner of Fælden. When Bromølle Kro was rebuilt, he purchased it and made sure that innkeeping was not allowed any more. Thus, the closest competitors were eradicated.

Krumom Inn was a real road inn with rooms, a banquet hall, a garden room for coffee guests and its own carriage house.

The inn was doing well for many years, but in connection with the establishment of the ferry connection between Fynshav and Bøjden in 1967, the country road was moved behind the inn. The inn was no longer profitable and had to close in 1973. Today the inn is used as a private residence and for rental. If you follow Gammel Brovej towards the village of Bro, you will come to Brovold, a fortification from the early Middle Ages, which is also described in this guide. On foot it takes approx. ten minutes (650 meters).