The Incredible Hulk

Something green and shiny is lurking in the forest. It is the sculpture “Hulk” by Ole Lorin Rasmussen.

Hulk is a green cartoon character with superhuman strength – the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. Now Hulk is hiding in the forest. Try to find him, but beware he is green with rage.

Hulk was born at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 2002 and was first exhibited at the Copenhagen Zoo. After being stolen but later returned during a stay in Værløse, Hulk came to Gallery M in Bogense on North Funen. When the gallery moved to Augustenborg in 2008, Hulk moved with it.

Since then, Hulk has stood in its current place in the forest at Augustiana and has been a part of the Sculpture Park since the beginning. Time hasn’t been kind to him and he has had to be painted and renovated several times, most recently in the winter of 2020-2021.

Today, Augustiana Art Park & Art Gallery is run by Sønderborg Municipality, which recently decided to purchase Hulk, because he is so popular with children and childish souls who love to take “selfies” with him. A little to the south, you will find the Second Avenue and the Three Oath-Oaks. If you follow the Avenue to the west, you can walk to the Bathing Huts. In the northern part of the Forest lies the Rabbit Lake, where the Princess Louise used to keep her rabbits more than 200 years ago. Learn more about these sights in the app when you reach them.